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People see beautiful things and want them to remain with them somehow.

Of course, there is nothing that can truly recreate our experience with nature's beauty, but I believe that the joy of being able to recall one's personal experience with nature's beauty can last a long enough time.

The beauty that nature gives is magnificent. Moreover, it is timely and short-lived, and its expression changes as the seasons change.

I grew up in Japan, where the four seasons change in such a vivid way with distinction. The beauty of nature is impressive and mighty, to say the least. I grew up in the countryside of Japan where such seasonal change was in fact obvious, which I have become more aware of after taking residence in the city, where seasonal changes are far more subtle. No matter where I go or where I live, the four seasons I hold close to my heart can be experienced and appreciated for even the smallest of its transitions.


This is the source of my feeling for beauty and color.

All of the colors we see every day are based on nature. However, when you discover that color in nature, people are fascinated by the fact that its beauty is much more beautiful than the colors you are used to. The colors are not simple, but come from a harmonious play of nature that is carefully layered. It is my belief that the colors and emotions found in paintings are something that cannot be dictated, but managed by the artist, while at the mercy of nature's rules

Whether you look at up into the sky or down at the earth, nature's colors are always in harmony. The beauty of birds flying freely on Earth's stage can be described as what truly encapsulates the color of Earth's life. It seems that the wings capture the colors of our world while flying around, almost picking up colors here and there. It is my pleasure to express the beauty and freedom of such “color carriers”. It is an irreplaceable moment to step away from a painting I have been working on to see the multiple layers of various colors, to create a single bird.


The beauty of birds depends on the sky and nature where they can fly freely. Their location dictates the selection of their colors in their existence on the quilt of Earth. It is my goal as an artist to continue creating works that combine the beauty of birds with my personal thoughts. And through this artwork, I am finding ways to explore the beauty of fading and even dying nature, as man-made creations slowly taint the landscape.

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